Do's and Don'ts Before Going Away On Vacation

Don’t leave your home vulnerable while you are on summer vacation! Before going on vacation, it's essential to take certain precautions and preparations to ensure the safety of your home and belongings. Here are some do's and don'ts to consider before you leave for your trip.


Secure Your Home

The first thing you need to remember to do is lock all doors and windows securely before leaving. Double-check all entry points to make sure they are properly locked.

Notify a Trusted Neighbor or Friend

Make sure you have someone looking out for your home. Inform a neighbor or friend about your vacation plans for this very reason. They can keep an eye on your home, pick up mail or packages, and notify you in case of any emergencies.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Your home doesn’t need to be kept as cool when you are away. Set your thermostat to an energy-efficient temperature to save on energy costs while maintaining a comfortable environment for any pets or plants left behind.

Unplug Non-Essential Devices

Housefires commonly occur from devices left plugged in and unattended. Which is why you should always unplug appliances and electronic devices that are not needed while you're away. This helps prevent potential electrical issues and reduces energy consumption.

Empty the Fridge and Trash

Make sure you don’t come home to a stinky space! Dispose of perishable foods in your refrigerator to avoid coming home to spoiled items. Empty the trash cans to prevent odors and pests.

Arrange Pet Care

Don’t forget about your furry friends, either. If you have pets, plan for their care, whether it's boarding them or having a pet sitter come to your home.


Don't Announce Your Vacation on Social Media

Don’t make your home vulnerable to burglars. Avoid posting about your vacation plans on social media platforms, as this can alert potential burglars that your home will be empty. Of course, once you get home you can safely share pictures of your vacation with friends and family on social media, though.

Don't Leave Spare Keys Outside

Avoid leaving spare keys hidden outside your home, as experienced burglars know common hiding spots. If you have someone watching your home, try your best to give your keys to them personally.

Don't Leave Lights on 24/7

Leaving lights on constantly can be just as suspicious as having them off. Use timers or smart plugs to create a more natural lighting schedule.

Don't Leave Expensive Items Visible

And lastly, make sure to keep prying eyes out. Close curtains or blinds to prevent passersby from seeing expensive items inside your home.

If you take care to follow these pre-vacation do’s and don'ts, you can ensure that your Montano Homes will be waiting for you just how you left it. We hope you have a fun summer!

By Montano Homes | 7-25-2023