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Once upon a time, in the beautiful land of Colorado, there lived a skilled and kind-hearted man named Rob Montano. Born and raised amidst the breathtaking landscapes, he grew up surrounded by the art of construction, working diligently in the concrete industry while his peers busied themselves with ordinary paper routes. But Rob's dreams were as vast as the mountains that graced his homeland.

As he entered his twenties, the young man's passion led him to acquire his real estate license, and from that moment on, he embarked on a magical journey of creating wonders in the heart of the Metro Denver area. From the years 1998 to 2001, he adorned neighborhoods with the enchantment of renovations, weaving tales of transformation and beauty. And in the year 2002, his imagination soared even higher as he began crafting enchanting condo conversions and new builds, adding new chapters to the story of his success.

The pinnacle of Rob's fairy tale was reached in 2008 when he unveiled a dazzling high-end condo development in the Denver Highlands. The marvel he created captured the attention and admiration of the media, the community, and his fellow craftsmen, selling at a value unparalleled in the realm of Denver.

But Rob's adventurous spirit beckoned him to explore new realms, and so, for five years, he traversed the land, constructing wondrous commercial medical clinics in distant corners of the country. His fame and prowess as a master builder spread like the whispers of magical creatures, and soon, he became a legend among the builders.

In 2014, Rob returned to his roots in the realm of housing, embarking on a new quest to build a single-family community in the enchanting Castle Rock. And with destiny's twist of fate, a radiant addition joined him on his journey – his beloved wife, Sarah, a seasoned occupational therapist whose heart was as gentle and caring as her touch.

"Building homes was always where I saw myself long term," Rob declared with passion in his eyes. "I have always wished to create something that people can cherish and find comfort in at the end of each magical day."

With hearts entwined, Rob and Sarah dedicated themselves to their mission, vowing to design homes that were both affordable and captivating, homes that would cradle the dreams of families in the Metro Denver area. With their keen eyes for detail and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, they became the architects of happiness for many growing families.

Rob Montano
Sarah Montano
Chief Design Officer
Daniel Strough
New Home Sales Professional

1999 - 2001

Montano Homes begins renovating homes in the Denver area


Montano Homes begins condo conversions


Montano Homes builds high-end condos in the Denver Highlands


Montano Homes constructs commercial dental clinics throughout the country


Montano Homes builds residential homes in Castle Rock, Colorado


Montano Homes finishes a residential development in Lakewood, Colorado


Montano Homes finishes a larger housing development in Lakewood Colorado

2019 | Saddle Rock Vistas

Montano Homes completes 17 Colorado Contemporary homes in the highly coveted Saddle Rock Community

2020 - 2021 | Elevations at Saddle Rock

Montano Homes Finishes a 34-townhome community right next to Saddle Rock Golf Course

2021 - 2022 | Elevations at Carson Farms West

Montano Homes finishes an enclave of 18 Modern Farmhouse Paired Homes near Olde Town Arvada

2022 | Elevations Highline East at Dayton Triangle

Construction completed on 16 paired homes in the Dayton Triangle.

2023 | Elevations at Murphy Creek

54 paired golf course homes currently under construction with a scheduled completion of Late 2024

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