Why Your Family Should Have an Evacuation Plan

Emergencies happen. Disasters happen. This is a sad reality that hit close recently for those of us who live in the Denver area. You cannot always anticipate when emergencies or disasters will occur, but you can be prepared for them if they do. Having a family... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 1-21-2022

Make Sure Your Housesitter Knows These Things Before Leaving Town

Work trips, vacations, and family visits. Regardless of your reasons for travel, making sure everything is taken care of at home before you leave is important. One of the best ways to ensure that things are cared for at home while you are gone is to... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 12-17-2021

A Guide to Houseplants for Beginners

When you buy a Montano Home, you may find that you enjoy your space so much that you spend a lot of time in it. And that is how you should feel when you are at home. But something that can make a space... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 11-23-2021

Fantastic Faux Finishes to Try

At Montano we always aim to build with quality and timeless touches in order to give you the perfect base for you to put your personal spin on. One way to create a one of a kind living space is by trying out a... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 10-25-2021

Things That Should Never Be Stored Under the Sink

The space underneath the sink provides convenient storage for many things. Many households utilize this space to store cleaning supplies, fire extinguishers, and trash bags. And while this can be a great place to store extra items, there are some things that you may want to... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 9-22-2021

Best Ways to Repell Mosquitoes

Whether you’re enjoying the mountain views from the patio of your Montano home, or you are enjoying time in the great outdoors, there is certainly one thing that can ruin your experience: mosquitoes. Nothing makes you want to retreat indoors more than being eaten... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 8-23-2021

Household Uses for Coconut Oil

Lots of people swear by coconut oil for all sorts of purposes, from beauty to culinary. But did you know that it also has many practical uses around the house? It is true and we want to share a few ways you can put this oil... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 7-20-2021

Summer Activities Near Denver

At Montano, we choose to build throughout the Denver area because we love it. Denver and the surrounding areas are bursting at the seams with fun activities to do, especially in the summer. If you are ready to get out of the house, here... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 6-16-2021

Bringing Style to Windows with Drapes

Living in Colorado comes with many perks. Not least of them being abundant sunshine and mountain views. Things that we always want to make sure you have plenty of here at Montano Homes. Which is why we love building our traditional homes and townhomes... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 5-24-2021

Tips For Keeping Your Fridge Tidy

Homeowners know how valuable the kitchen area is. While every room in your home is essential, it is the kitchen that is the heart of a home. It is a place that your kids will head to straight after school, looking for snacks. It is a... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 4-28-2021