Reasons Paired Home Communities are Great

The Highline East at Dayton Triangle is Montano Homes newest community. It features paired homes with private yards and a whole host of exclusive amenities. There are a lot of different styles of homes and communities from single family to condo. If you are... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 3-23-2023

Descaling Your Kettle

This February has been brutally cold! Our Montano homes really shine when you need to cuddle up inside. And hopefully you have been doing just that with a warm drink in your hands too! Cupping a hot cup of herbal tea or rich coffee... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 2-27-2023

Foul Home Smells and Their Potential Causes

Homes can host all sorts of smells. From teenager’s dirty shoes to roasted vegetables, some foul smells are just a product of them being lived in. Other smells could spell trouble, though. How can you know if the stinky scent accosting your olfactory senses is a... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 1-26-2023

Does Your Home Have Radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that seeps into your home through cracks in your foundation. Trace amounts of this radioactive gas can naturally be found in the atmosphere, but it becomes a problem when it gets trapped and builds up. Once radon finds its way... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 12-22-2022

Myths About Pests and Your Home

Your home is where you come to relax. To be warm and cozy. To make beautiful meals. To make memories in. But you may not be the only one taking advantage of the comfort of your home. Pests of all sorts can find their way into... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 11-29-2022

Montano Homes 2022 Year in Summary and Outlook to 2023

As the year 2022 winds down, we wanted to take a moment to look back on the year and the many achievements of Montano Homes as well as look ahead to what 2023 will bring. It is an exciting time for everyone at Montano Homes as... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 11-29-2022

Turn Your New House Into a Home On a Budget

For many, and most importantly, for first time homebuyers, purchasing a home is a huge financial undertaking. For some, the down payment on a home equals most or all of their savings. That does not leave much left over for decorating a home when you actually... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 10-24-2022

A Guide to Home Security Cameras

Our Montano communities are thoughtfully chosen and placed in desirable and beautiful locations. And we know that security is a big concern for our clients just as much as it is for our team. We want the families that live in our homes to... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 9-19-2022

Do Not Throw These Things Into the Dumpster

Cleaning up the garage or clearing out the attic? What you cannot find a use for or rehome is bound for the dumpster. Before you start throwing things away, however, it is important that you know that not everything can go in the dumpster. Here are... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 8-23-2022

Signs Your AC Unit Needs to Be Serviced

This summer has broken record high temperatures for much of the world. Needless to say, if you have central air conditioning, like all of our Montano Homes do, that A/C unit is working extra hard to keep you comfortable. A unit that has not... [read more]

By Montano Homes | 7-27-2022