Advantages to Buying a New Home

During your house hunting process, you will be presented with tons of decisions that need to be made. The area you want to live in, the size of yard you want, the style of home you prefer. Another major thing that you must decide on is whether to buy a new home or a pre-existing home. At Montano Homes, we understand how easy it can be to become burnt out on making these kinds of decisions. So, we wanted to help by sharing some reasons that we believe that buying a new home is the best value.

They are Safe

For starters, newly built homes are almost guaranteed to be safer. Many building materials and practices that used to be popular we now know are dangerous to use. But when you buy a new home, you know that you are getting the latest electrical setups and asbestos free building blocks.

They Perform More Efficiently

In addition to safer building practices, new homes are built with the latest and most energy efficient materials. Over the years, the demand for more energy efficient items has increased. And many manufacturers have met that demand, making energy efficiency the standard. More efficient appliances, better insulation, and lowered utility costs are all things you get with a new build.

They are Ready to Go

Many times, when you are buying a new home, there are repairs and upgrades that need to be made. Perhaps the kitchen or bathroom feels a little outdated. But with a newly built home, you won't’ have to think about making major or even minor repairs to make it livable. And new builds are made in modern and aesthetically pleasing styles so all you must do is decorate it to your liking. With a new home, it is ready to go from the moment you sign the papers.

If you still are not sure whether a new build is right for you, give Montano Homes a call so we can show you around one!

| 12-22-2020