Do Not Throw These Things Into the Dumpster

Cleaning up the garage or clearing out the attic? What you cannot find a use for or rehome is bound for the dumpster. Before you start throwing things away, however, it is important that you know that not everything can go in the dumpster. Here are some of those items along with why they cannot simply be set out on trash day.

Non-Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are perfectly safe to toss in the dumpster, but non-alkaline batteries are not. Examples of non-alkaline batteries are: car batteries, computer batteries, and cell phone batteries. The reason that these batteries cannot be put into the dumpster is because they leach into the environment around them. And since the final destination for the dumpster is the landfill, this would have adverse effects on the surrounding environment. The good news is that there are proper ways to dispose of these kinds of batteries. Research programs that recycle them in your area.

Paint Cans

Paints contain chemicals that can also spill into the surrounding landfill environment. That is why you cannot just dispose of old paint without taking a few extra steps first. Because the problem with paint is that it is liquid and can spill, paint that is hardened is safe to throw away. Throw some cat litter into the container and it should harden it to a safe consistency.

Animal Remains

As macabre as it sounds, sometimes animals find their way into your home and unfortunately, sometimes they die within. If you have found a dead animal while cleaning out your attic or garage, think twice before just throwing it in the bin. Many garbage companies consider animal carcasses as toxic waste and require you dispose of it in a specific manner. The same goes for medical waste like needles and blood-stained fabrics. Check with your waste removal company about the specific procedures you need to follow to dispose of these items.

Extra Large Items

Another thing that might be refused on garbage day are extra-large items. AKA, items that cannot be broken down into smaller pieces and placed in a container for removal. This is more of a rule of thumb but still good to know, nonetheless.

For a more thorough and specific list of items that your garbage company will not accept, be sure to browse their website!

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By Montano Homes | 8-23-2022