A Guide to Houseplants for Beginners

When you buy a Montano Home, you may find that you enjoy your space so much that you spend a lot of time in it. And that is how you should feel when you are at home. But something that can make a space feel more vibrant and alive, especially as we are heading into the dead of Winter, are houseplants. If houseplants have been something that you have shied away from out of fear that you do not have enough time to care for it or because you fear that you will kill it in some other way, allow us to help you put those fears away. Here are some ways that you can incorporate houseplants into your home, even as a beginner.

If You Need Something You Can Neglect...

Consider cacti and succulents. Cacti and succulents are great if you think that you may struggle keeping up with a regular watering routine. Cacti and succulents store water extremely well to survive periods of drought. So, you can just place them in the brightest area of your home and let them do their thing until it is time for a big drink. Succulents are nice because you can notice if they need water based on if their lower leaves are wrinkly or not. Plus, succulents come in wonderful shades of pinks, purples, and blues and a large cacti can be a real statement piece in your home.

If You Want to Add Drama...

Consider a prayer plant or a calathea. This genus of plants can really add some visual intrigue to your space. In fact, your guests will probably regularly ask if your plant is even real. They have stunning, otherworldly patterns on their leaves like pink pinstripes, silver waves, and musical networks. Plus, their leaves roll up when they are unhappy or need water. Which makes them great, even for beginners.

If You Want to Fill Space...

Consider a ficus. If you have large ceilings, adding a tree can make your space feel alive but also grand. Maybe you think ficus are boring because you remember the one your grandma had, but truthfully, they are not. Ficus elastica, for example, has deep burgundy oval leaves and is not fussy at all. You can also get this variety of tree in a variegated version where the leaves look like they have watercolor painted leaves of cream, green, and pink. Ficus lyrata is another popular statement tree. The leaves look like giant stringed instruments and really bring the ‘wow’ factor to a space. Just place them by a bright window and water them when the first few inches of the potting soil feels dry.

Houseplants do not need to be complicated or difficult to care for. Why not try one of the ones suggested here and see how you do? Before you know it, you may have several ever-changing living art pieces in your home.

By Montano Homes | 11-23-2021