Things That Should Never Be Stored Under the Sink

The space underneath the sink provides convenient storage for many things. Many households utilize this space to store cleaning supplies, fire extinguishers, and trash bags. And while this can be a great place to store extra items, there are some things that you may want to consider keeping elsewhere. Here are a few examples.


If you are desperate for places to store your food, you may be tempted to take advantage of the space under the sink. The problem with this is that these areas tend to harbor a lot of moisture, something that can degrade your food products quickly. And if you have a pipe spring a leak under the sink, this could potentially spoil any food that you might keep in the space.


Kitchen appliances tend to be bulky, making it difficult to find a proper place for them. You may think about storing that blender or instant pot underneath your kitchen sink as a solution. But if you do, you run the risk of shortening their lifespan. Again, because of potential leaks or moisture, this could lead to sustained damage to your appliances.

Paper Products

Another popular item that people may choose to store underneath the sink is backup paper towels and paper products. Given the risks previously mentioned, however, this may not be the best idea. Water leaks can ruin your stock and excess water can even promote mold and mildew growth on your paper products.

At the end of the day, an under-sink storage space can be a great place to store many things that are not on this list. At Montano Homes, we know how important storage space is to living comfortably. We aim to make homes that are as convenient as they are beautiful. If you want a home that was built with you in mind, browse our available homes today!

By Montano Homes | 9-22-2021