Pros and Cons of Townhomes

There are plenty of different housing terms you may come across is your house search. Townhouse being one of them. But if you have never lived in a townhome before, you may not know what makes it different or a desirable option. At Montano Homes, we have experience building expertly planned townhomes in stunning locations. Since we know what makes a townhome a townhome, we want to share a few of the pros and cons of this type of housing with you.


Low Maintenance

If pulling weeds and pruning trees while baking in the hot sun is not how you like to spend your Saturday, with a townhome you do not have to! With many townhomes you can enjoy a little bit of land in the front and back of your home, but as far as lawn maintenance goes, most HOA’s will take care of this for you. Hello, free time!

Quality Amenities

Townhomes were born for your convenience. And to make your life easier, you will have a variety of services included in your HOA fee. Things like, trash pickup, pest control, swimming pools, gyms, or dog grooming stations are all examples of amenities that you may be able to take advantage of when living in a townhome community.

Great Locations

Most townhomes can be found situated in very convenient locations. Whether you are smack dab in the middle of downtown or not, you can be confident that you will be close to dining, shopping, and more.


Less Freedoms

There is a give and take that comes along with any community that has an HOA in place. While some people may love the uniformity and standards put in place by the community guidelines, if you are someone who loves painting and renovating your space however you’d like, a townhome may not be for you.

Less Privacy

Oftentimes, the biggest thing for people to accept when considering a townhome is the lack of privacy. In this style of home, you will have a few shared walls. Normally this is not an issue, but if you have neighbors who are not considerate, it may become one. And of course, your yard may not provide you with as much privacy as one in a traditional home.

Overall, townhomes are a smart option for many people. If you are interested in seeing if this kind of home is right for you, contact Montano Homes today! We have gorgeous and modern townhomes available that we would love to show you.

By Montano Homes | 5-21-2020