Maximize Your Space with These Tips

If you are not sure how to make the best use of the space you are in, Montano Homes wants to help. The housing market in Colorado is hot, and sometimes that means ending up with a little less square footage than you may have planned for. Interior designers have long used tricks to make spaces feel larger than they are, and we want to share some of those tricks with you.


Sometimes you must minimize to maximize. Cluttering up valuable real estate in your home can make it appear smaller and make you feel frustrated without you even realizing it. So, the first step in maximizing your space is to declutter. Create homes for all your items when they are not in use and get rid of things that you do not use.

Keep it Light

Dark and rich colors absorb light and can make a room feel like it is closing in on you. Make your walls appear like they go on and on by choosing light and airy colors. Same goes for large pieces of furniture, such as sectionals. Choosing lighter shades for furniture will help with the illusion that your room just keeps going.

Do not Crowd

Having rooms that flow also assist in creating a room that feels larger. If you place furniture and other items in a way that cuts off the flow of traffic, your space will feel cramped. So, when configuring the layout of a room, make sure to allow enough space to move from point A to point B with ease.


When playing with perspectives, mirrors are your best friend. Not only does everyone love a well-placed mirror to make sure all your hairs are in place, mirrors also manipulate perspective. Mirrors reflect both light and the rest of their surroundings, making a room feel bigger.

Cut Corners

Furniture with rounded edges are easier to maneuver around and they tend to take up less space. This is particularly easy to incorporate when it comes to tables. Instead of more traditional square and rectangular options, choose round coffee and dining tables. Pair clear acrylic dining chairs with it to really extend the eye.

Whether you have square footage to spare or not, these design tips can benefit everyone. If you are on the hunt for a place of your own, look at our available homes today! We create beautiful, modern homes and townhomes in convenient locations that you are sure to love.

By Montano Homes | 6-11-2020