Home Projects to do During a Shelter in Place

If you have been among the people who have been asked to shut down your business, then you probably have a lot of time on your hands. You are probably worried about income and how you are going to make things work. The good news is that take out places are hiring people to deliver, so there are still jobs available to help you get by in the meantime. If you are nervous and stressed about the current economic situation then it might be best that you put your nervous energy into something so that you aren’t constantly reading the news. Constantly fixating on your situation and world conditions can heighten your anxiety. Here are some home projects that you don’t have to spend money on and will help to occupy your mind.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is commonplace during this time of year as the weather is getting warmer. When spring cleaning, make sure that you don’t just clean but take the time to do a deep cleaning. Find things that you wouldn’t mind selling. When selling your items make sure that it has been sanitized. Things like workout stations and things for kids are a hot commodity because people can’t go to the gym and they want to try and keep their kids occupied.

Start making a pile of things that you don’t want and aren’t sellable. Label this as your trash pile. You’ll be able to get rid of a lot of things in your home that have been collecting dust for the past couple of years. Then you can create your keep pile and organize everything you still want. This will help you feel better about what you’re doing with your time and make you money in the meantime.

DIY Projects

There are so many DIY projects that you can do around the house as well. You have probably bought a lot of the needed tools and hardware to do them in the past but never had the time to follow through. While you’re cleaning out your garage, you’ll probably find a lot of those lost items or at least what you would need to start the projects. Make a list of those projects you have always wanted to do. Start with the ones you want done first. Doing so will help you to keep your mind occupied and not perseverating on the current world situation.

Montano Homes is all about making sure that you have the perfect home. Whether you accomplish it with us or by means of some DIY projects, we want you to be happy. You might find that it is possible to move while keeping or even lowering your mortgage because of the current economic situation. Now is the time to take advantage of these rates! Give us a call if you’re interested in one of our homes or just fill out the online request form.

By Montano Homes | 3-30-2020