Be a Friend to Birds By Feeding Them This Winter

Colorado is home to a wide variety of beautiful birds. It is no wonder why birdwatching is a popular Wintertime activity. If you want to invite more birds to your porch and help them stay well fed when food is scarce for them, here is how, where, and what to feed these birds.

Give Them the Good Stuff

If your budget allows, it is best to opt for high quality bird feed. Cheap bird feed contains a higher portion of filler ingredients, which are not good for birds to ingest. So, if you can, skip the clearance rack when choosing your bird feed. A suet feeder is a great option to hang in addition to other feeds in order to give birds more protein and calorie dense options. While you are choosing your feed, it is also nice to choose one that appeals to a wide variety of birds.

Give Everyone a Spot

In addition to buying food that appeals to a wide variety of birds, setting up a different selection of bird feeders is great too. Hanging up several styles of feeders will not only allow you to enjoy the company of different species, but it will prevent overcrowding and fighting among the birds themselves.

Be a Good Housekeeper

It is also important that you keep bird feeders clean in order to protect your avian friends and their health. A good schedule should include cleaning the feeder with dish soap and hot water once a month and replacing uneaten food once a week. If bird feeders are allowed to remain dirty, mold, bacteria, and viruses can take hold and pass onto birds. Additionally, replacing uneaten food regularly will deter rodents from foraging in feeders.

Give Them a Drink

Food and water are both scarce resources in the Wintertime. Especially if you live in an area where water regularly freezes over, like we do here in Colorado. Provide these beautiful birds a reliable place to drink from by setting up a bird bath. Or better yet, set up a heated bird bath so that you do not have to worry about the water freezing over.

If you do these things, your flying friends will certainly be grateful.

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By Montano Homes | 2-23-2022