Descaling Your Kettle

This February has been brutally cold! Our Montano homes really shine when you need to cuddle up inside. And hopefully you have been doing just that with a warm drink in your hands too! Cupping a hot cup of herbal tea or rich coffee is one of the simplest comforts during the Winter. If you have been making your kettle work over time to bring you these drinks, it might be time to give it a little TLC. Kettles are known to develop limescale over time, which show up as white mineral deposits on the inside and outside of the kettle. Help your kettle continue to brew you those warming drinks without any unwanted mineral additions by giving it a descaling treatment. Here is how to do it.

Tackling the Outside

For many, their kettle is a regular fixture on their kitchen counters. Scale can make a kettle look dingy and gross, so giving attention to descaling the outside of your kettle can restore it to its original beauty. Scale can also build up on the spout of your kettle and it is important to remove that so that those deposits do not wind up in your cup.

Regardless of what your kettle is made of, it is best to treat it gently. Avoid using anything overly abrasive like steel wool. A soft kitchen sponge should be all you need. Load up your sponge with warm water and a few drops of dish soap and gently wipe the surface of the kettle. After you have scrubbed the exterior surface, wipe it dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Tackling the Inside

As far as the inside of the kettle goes, you can tackle it with a bit more than water and soap. Acidic things are really excellent at removing scale buildup. Things like lemon juice or vinegar are great candidates for the job. Whatever acid you choose to work with, begin by filling your kettle halfway with it and fill the remaining half with water. Then plug in your kettle or set it on the stove top to bring it to a boil. The combination of acid and hot water will dislodge the scale. Once the water is brought to a boil, turn off the heat and allow the contents to dwell in the kettle for about an hour. After that, pour the liquid out and rinse the inside with cold water.

Vinegar, lemons, warm water, and dish soap are all items that are staples in almost all homes. So the next time you need to give your kettle a descaling treatment, you shouldn’t have to go far to do it.

By Montano Homes | 2-27-2023